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The Private Library of Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945), American Author

Books We Recommend

When it comes to building libraries of rare books for clients, Kinsey Marable & Co. is a master. Here's what Kinsey Marable would select if tailoring a collection of first editions for himself.

- "The Art and Technique of Color Photography" by Alexander Liberman, 1951. The most extraordinary collection of fashion photography, bar none.

- "A Wonderful Time" by Slim Aarons, 1974. Stylish, chic people living the high life. The coffee-table book of the 20th century.

- "The Four Books of Architecture" by Andrea Palladio, 1738. The benchmark for all classical architecture; itself a work of art.

- "Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening" by Humphrey Repton, 1816. Repton's last treatise chronicles the building of England's great country houses. Hand-painted illustrations make this a masterpiece.

- "Vogue's Book of Houses, Gardens, People" by Valentine Lawford, Diana Vreeland, and Horst P. Horst, 1968. A legacy of Vreeland's Vogue years.

- "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman, 1855. Hand-bound by Whitman himself, this tome contains powerful, forever-relevant verse.

- "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, 1960. The 1961 Pulitzer Prize winner is a landmark in American literature.

- "The Birds of America" by John James Audubon, 1827-1838. Four hundred thirty-five life-size hand-colored plates depict each bird. These two $8 million folios will set your library apart.

- "The Dictionary of English Furniture" by Percy Macquoid and Ralph Edwards, 1924. Widely regarded as the classic illustrated work on the history of English furniture.

- "Notes on the State of Virginia" by Thomas Jefferson, 1787. This London edition is Jefferson's only book.