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Rare & Out-Of-Print Books

Establish a private library with assistance from Kinsey Marable & Co. Let us catalog and organize your collection or create something new and unique, highlighting your tastes, and personality. We can recommend acquisitions, investigate authenticity, find rare or out-of-print volumes, and help you understand the fair value of books before you purchase. Kinsey Marable & Co. are booksellers extraordinaire and furnishers of uncommon private libraries.

Kinsey Marable

Kinsey Marable is a former an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. He gave up securities trading two decades ago to deal in a more exotic commodity; rare and out-of-print books. Without a doubt, he is the premier American source for private libraries today. Architecture, fine arts, gardening, and biography, get heavy play in a Marable-commissioned library, but there's plenty of history, fiction, interiors, decorative arts, and classics.

For Oprah Winfrey, the ultimate bibliophile, he assembled a complete collection of first-edition Pulitzer Prize winners. For another client, he gathered the best books on fashion and style. He chooses every book for a collection with input from clients, highlighting their particular interests such as astronomy, science fiction, and even true crime.

In addition to cataloging and organizing your collection, we provide conservation services and meticulous binding and leatherwork. Buying an entire collection and selling it intact is another aspect of the business. The libraries of Nancy Lancaster, and David and Evangeline Bruce are prime examples.

Books in Grayscale

Clients include former US Senator and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, the designer Donna Karan, hedge-fund managers Tom Marsico and Philip Falcone, and many others. Many clients are introduced by eminent decorators and architects like Albert Hadley, Mark Hampton, Richard Keith Langham, and Steven Gambrel. David Kleinberg of David Kleinberg Design Associates regularly refers clients to Kinsey Marable & Co. "I love how Kinsey sort of rustles up a collection of books that can be from the most esoteric to the most common. They're unpretentious. They are for people who actually take the books off the shelves," he says.

Charlotte Moss is another satisfied client. "We're in sync," she says. "We have a sensitivity toward certain kinds of literature. When someone really understands your reading preferences, that's a home-run relationship."

Library Sitting Area

Library Services

The books on your shelves speak volumes about you. Before we recommend the first title, we learn about you. Most of the collections we put together resemble what one would find in a country house library. There are books on architecture, gardens, biography, and social history, fashion and style, travel, sports, and food and drink; all the pleasures of life. Kinsey Marable & Co. will order as many books at a time as you need. Whether you just want one, or a full library, we can provide! The titles we recommend may be rare or collectible, or merely interesting and enjoyable and on a variety of subjects.


Let us assist you in building your private library. We can recommend acquisitions, investigate authenticity, find rare or out-of-print volumes, and help you understand the fair value of books before you purchase.


We inventory, organize and arrange appraisals of your current library.


Our conservation services ensure that your books remain in the best possible condition for years to come. We employ bookbinders that customize slipcases, folios, and other leather goods.


If you need to sell a substantial portion of your library, Kinsey Marable & Co. will purchase collections directly.


We can help provide the proper setting for you privately. Consulting with your architects and interior designers, we recommend cabinetry, furniture, lighting, and ladders.