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Books are the soul of your home, mirroring your interests and tastes. Kinsey Marable & Co. assembles private and personal libraries unique to each client. We're more than just a seller of rare books. We place you at the center of your library and then fill the shelves around you. The titles we recommend may be rare or collectible. Alternatively, they may merely be interesting and enjoyable, touching a variety of subjects. Kinsey Marable & Co. will hand curate every book for you, after a detailed personal consultation. Contact us soon to learn more about the library we'd love to build for you.

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Kinsey Marable & Co. of Charlottesville, Virginia, are booksellers and furnishers of distinctive private libraries. We have assembled libraries from New York and California to London and Paris. We build expansive libraries containing thousands of volumes or intimate guest room collections. With more than 25 years of experience, Kinsey Marable & Co. hand selects each volume for your uniquely personal and customized library. Contact us today for further information about the services we provide.

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